Life through the eyes of a child


When I was a little-un, I used to study garden snails very closely as they glided slowly along the garden wall. I would try to see a facial expression on their faces, hoping that they would smile lazily at me when I picked them up. Me being me,  I often created a whole personality and background for them in my head, which would then convince me that they were either smiling, frowning (at me), or even crying. It made them real to me.

I sometimes yearn for that time, when uncensored creativity was the order of the day.

I want to get re-acquainted  with that part of myself. If I find more micro photography images, I will post them here.

If you recommend a micro photography blog that I should look at, please let me know below!


P.S- This little guy is called Oscar. He is running away from home, because his mum tidied his room without asking, which made him mad. He’s a little Emo sullen, which is why he is hanging his head down as he slides.


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