Elizabeth Bullock- author

Introducing the star of the show!

Elizabeth is a self-taught writer, who is at the very beginning of her authorship journey. She grew up in the northern suburbs of Sydney, attending High school until 1993 where she graduated.

She worked in the customer service industry for the next fifteen years, which she enjoyed. On the birth of her daughter, she decided to put her feet up to become a stay at home mum. Along with the rude shock that having a baby delivers, she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2010.

Seven years on, she has come to a point in her life where she can focus on a part of her life that had previously been ignored.Writing has always gone on in her head. It’s time to put pen to paper.

Her goal for 2017 is to enter one story into a writing competition (she also wants to work out how to use WordPress properly, and teach her mum and two older brothers how to use the internet.)

Elizabeth currently resides in Sydney’s North with her husband and daughter. A cat will be joining them soon.  Stay tuned!


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