Understanding the world of today- through a mum’s eyes.

Is it just me, or is the world a scarier place today than it was yesterday, last week or even last year? I experience the world with ever-present thoughts of how my child will be affected, whenever I read a piece of news. Will she need to know how to safely fend off a sexual predator? Does she understand that her looks are just wrapping paper and that her insides are the gift? Can she stand up for what is right, and deal with popular opinion being against her? The answer is yes, yes and yes. It doesn’t make the job of being her parent easy, but I will find a way to help her to understand these things. Now If I can just get my own head around what I did to deserve such a gorgeous child, I will be golden. xo Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bullock author

Simpler times, when sleeping off a milk-induced coma made mum happy.


Reading out of my comfort zone

Elizabeth Bullock - reading out of your comfort zone
In order to expand my creative skills, I am experimenting with reading outside of my comfort zone.  I have chosen this book because I have a thing against short stories.  I want that long term commitment to characters, and I hate getting into a story, only to have it end on me. So yes, this book is outside my comfort zone. 

But, isn’t the cover just fantastic? Well, here goes…

Liz xo

Monica McInerney and self-acceptance


I had the great fortune to hear author Monica McInerney talk yesterday about her new book The Trip of a Lifetime, and writing in general. The one thing that I came away with was how accepting and unquestioning she was with what her imagination chose to create. She seemed to have blind faith in her creative self.
It occurred to me that I am very unaccepting of my own imagination, something I wasn’t aware of until yesterday. This is deadly to writing good, interesting work and something I need to really work on. Fear in general I think can be very damaging to writers, when it paralyzes creativity.

This is the gift of attending author talks- you never know what you are going to learn. So, thank you Monica.

-Liz xox

Finding your groove as a writer

One challenge I didn’t think about when I decided to be serious about writing was how to find my groove. No, I’m not talking about dancing, but the subtle art of getting comfortable with a writing routine that works. As I write this I am in bed, propped up with pillows which make it all very comfortable to tap away on my tablet. But would I be better off sitting in a secluded corner of a cafe, where I would be coaxed to get out of my own head and draw inspiration from what is around me?

For now I will wing it, and see what feels most natural. Although I have decided that handwriting is not going to happen. Does anyone use pen and paper anymore to write? I think that the begining of all things like this are akward, stiff, and  uncomfortable. A bit like learning a new language, or starting at a new school. Which gives me hope. 

What routines and “rules” do you use when writing? I would love to see what everyone else does. 

Until next time, 

Liz xo

“The Stolen Child” by Sanjida Kay


How was it?

I have just finished this book and had to blog about it because it was so good. I don’t normally read thrillers, but something made me pick this book up (Ok, it may have been the cool cover design…).

The book tells a story about a couple who adopt a child from birth, with the consent of the mother but not the father. Years later, the father tracks his daughter down, with a mind to take her back.  But he hadn’t reckoned upon the fierce determination of adoptive mother Zoe, and the strength of her love for Evie.

It features modern issues such as infertility, adoption, fetal alcohol/drug syndrome, child abduction, marriage, infidelity, and trust. And for some reason I have one of the main male characters imagined as Jermaine Clement. Go figure!


Jermaine Clement, star of “What we do in the Shadows”, a hilarious movie about Vampires.

Sanjida writes in a way that reads like a movie, which is the best kind of writing. I also find myself wondering if all of the people characters are ok now, and have their lives sorted as if they are real people.  I hope to be half as good at writing one day.

If you are looking for a book to read, do yourself a favor and read this one.

I give it 7/10.

Until next time,


Today, I tried to live.


I am so saddened, to hear of Chris’s untimely passing. As I type this, there are murmurings of this being a suicide, which makes me even sadder. I confess, I don’t know much about his personal life, so I am quite shocked to hear the news.

How did he feature in my life? My first boyfriend introduced me to him through Soundgarden. So my first romance and Chris’s soulful voice are linked in my memory forever.

David, wherever you are – thank you for introducing me to this man’s grungy pipes.

I hope Chris’s spirit is now at peace, and he knows how many people he touched with his talent, and gorgeous voice. It goes without saying that he will be missed terribly.

Liz xox

The beginning of everything

So, I had a life-changing day yesterday. One of those times when you know that you will see the world through different eyes forever after.

I have always wanted to create books, ever since I can remember. Now, just shy of 42 I finally have the courage to try it. To do it. Yesterday I met a wonderful author, Natasha Lester at a book signing of hers. She gave a talk about her journey into writing, and talked about getting an email 19 pages long, from her editor. It detailed lots of editing questions about a draft copy of her story,  which she had gone through with a fine toothed comb. Natasha describes the shock she felt at realizing that the draft she though was quite good was actually not as polished as it could have been.

She is now happy to get that kind of response from her editor, because if her story had not been good to begin with, she wouldn’t have bothered editing it.

What an eye opener. Just because you write a story you are happy with, doesn’t mean it is finished. I also “got” the idea that you don’t write a book on your own. Moreover, the wonderful books I love to read weren’t crafted just by the author. Which means… my books won’t be just created by me. Phew! What a relief! The weight of expectation was lifted, which has left me with room within myself to believe I can do it. I may not set the world on fire, but that is OK. I just want to set one person’s heart on fire. That’s all. That would be everything.