A Suitable Boy

My own well-worn copies of A Suitable Boy.

My own well-worn copies of A Suitable Boy.

I am beyond excited to learn that the BBC is going to adapt one of my all-time favorite novels for the small screen.  I loved reading this book so much, I look back on that time with the wistfulness usually reserved for a Summer romance.

I feel in love with India too, which is a testament to the skill with which Vikram describes the country, which serves as the setting.

I look forward to seeing the 100% non-white cast, too. Good one, BBCOne!

Find more information about A Suitable Boy’s tv adaption via the link here.



Life through the eyes of a child


When I was a little-un, I used to study garden snails very closely as they glided slowly along the garden wall. I would try to see a facial expression on their faces, hoping that they would smile lazily at me when I picked them up. Me being me,  I often created a whole personality and background for them in my head, which would then convince me that they were either smiling, frowning (at me), or even crying. It made them real to me.

I sometimes yearn for that time, when uncensored creativity was the order of the day.

I want to get re-acquainted  with that part of myself. If I find more micro photography images, I will post them here.

If you recommend a micro photography blog that I should look at, please let me know below!


P.S- This little guy is called Oscar. He is running away from home, because his mum tidied his room without asking, which made him mad. He’s a little Emo sullen, which is why he is hanging his head down as he slides.

Do you need a degree to write?

My eyes have been opened! Thanks to the great Natasha Lester, I have discovered a whole world of literary devices that I never knew existed. OK, some I knew of. But others…I just had no idea. None.

And this got me thinking….


I have never studied creative writing, where I probably would have come across things like literary devices. Therefore my work thus far has lacked the depth that studying creative writing could have given it.  So being the eager sponge that I am, I want to educate myself.

Should I do a degree? Can I king-hit a certificate? How about starting on a statement of attainment?

What do you all think I should do? Should I learn as I go? Should I study a certain  course?

Comment below, and tell me how you got to be so good.


P.S- Did you see what I did there?



Today, I tried to live.


I am so saddened, to hear of Chris’s untimely passing. As I type this, there are murmurings of this being a suicide, which makes me even sadder. I confess, I don’t know much about his personal life, so I am quite shocked to hear the news.

How did he feature in my life? My first boyfriend introduced me to him through Soundgarden. So my first romance and Chris’s soulful voice are linked in my memory forever.

David, wherever you are – thank you for introducing me to this man’s grungy pipes.

I hope Chris’s spirit is now at peace, and he knows how many people he touched with his talent, and gorgeous voice. It goes without saying that he will be missed terribly.

Liz xox


It’s the little things…

via The beauty of small things: a voyage into a garden’s microcosm — Discover

I love macro photography. You can play with the size, or rather the imagined size of objects. For example, I like to think that this is a giant flower, or that I am a miniature person that can stand on it and stick my hands into one of the bubbles.


A thriller to look out for…

Book description How could such a thing happen? But it did happen. I wasn’t one of the others, observing. It happened to me. One hot summer’s day, two-year-old Jessica Preston disappears from the beach. The police are convinced she drowned, but Sandra Preston won’t give up hope that her daughter is still alive. How can […]

via **Blog tour** Child Taken by Darren Young #BookReview @DARRENYOUNGBOOK @REDDOORBOOKS — The Book Review Café

I will be looking out for this book, as it sounds like it has similar themes to the story I am currently researching. I am fascinated by the theme of criminal guilt versus the kind of morality that transcends our justice system. Which justice system is more “just”?


Inspiration for a story…

The following story about a newborn girl who was abducted by a woman from the hospital, has captured my imagination somewhat.

How must it have felt for the kidnapper, bringing up a child that you know deep down belongs with its family?

How must it have felt, having your baby taken from you, in a supposed safe place like a hospital?

And how must it have felt to be told that your mother is not your biological mother, but a criminal who took you away from your family?

I think all parties in this story deserve our compassion and sympathy. And I sincerely hope that all three women find peace.

Here is the story…http://nypost.com/2017/01/13/infant-kidnapped-from-hospital-found-safe-18-years-later/