Continue the story- a bit of fun to get the creativity juices flowing

Candice awoke to the sound of voices talking in hushed tones nearby. She instinctively knew that she wasn’t in a place she had been before, so she cautiously opened her eyes just a smidge. She was in a hospital, a busy one at that. She tried to move her body, but it felt it was suspended in thick molasses. Her head started swimming, in a drunken kind of way that wasn’t unpleasant. The last thing her brain registered was a nurse approaching her bedside, and adjusting a tube that was going into her arm. Then the black claimed her once more.

Ben browsed the chart, and was pleased to see that Candice was stable. But he still had to decide what to tell her when she eventually woke up. If he told her the truth, she would freak out, and likely walk out. He glanced in her direction, catching her move just slightly. She was starting to gain consciousness, and he was running out of time to think.

“Put her under for a couple more hours, Sister. One hundred mils should do it”

“Doctor” Sister Margaret nodded quickly and went over to Candace’s bedside, and extended the drip feed to her veins.

What happens next?       How would you rewrite this? 

Comment below with any ideas you have…