Monica McInerney and self-acceptance


I had the great fortune to hear author Monica McInerney talk yesterday about her new book The Trip of a Lifetime, and writing in general. The one thing that I came away with was how accepting and unquestioning she was with what her imagination chose to create. She seemed to have blind faith in her creative self.
It occurred to me that I am very unaccepting of my own imagination, something I wasn’t aware of until yesterday. This is deadly to writing good, interesting work and something I need to really work on. Fear in general I think can be very damaging to writers, when it paralyzes creativity.

This is the gift of attending author talks- you never know what you are going to learn. So, thank you Monica.

-Liz xox


Do you need a degree to write?

My eyes have been opened! Thanks to the great Natasha Lester, I have discovered a whole world of literary devices that I never knew existed. OK, some I knew of. But others…I just had no idea. None.

And this got me thinking….


I have never studied creative writing, where I probably would have come across things like literary devices. Therefore my work thus far has lacked the depth that studying creative writing could have given it.  So being the eager sponge that I am, I want to educate myself.

Should I do a degree? Can I king-hit a certificate? How about starting on a statement of attainment?

What do you all think I should do? Should I learn as I go? Should I study a certain  course?

Comment below, and tell me how you got to be so good.


P.S- Did you see what I did there?